PhD's and international careers

Date: 15th October 2018


Time: 9:00 to 17:00 (all day)


Venue: COMUE Lille Nord de France


Address: 365 bis, rue Jules Guesde BP 50458 - 59658 Villeneuve d’Ascq Cedex


Room: to be defined 


Global aims of the training:  Learn about the international labour market of doctors and the tools to prepare a geographical mobility.


Training objectives:  After the training, participants will be able to prepare their mobility, know the PhDs job market abroad, know the international networks related to research and innovation and prepare a CV adapted by area.


Pedagogical methods: 


  • Interactive workshop with presentation of theoretical concepts illustrated by concrete examples, testimonials and exchange phases on profiles and projects of each participant;
  • Learn about the international market situation of doctors and the tools to prepare a mobility..




MODULE 1: Understand the job market for doctors 


  • Statistical data on geographic areas and industries that employ doctors in the world (wage levels, working conditions, positions occupied by doctors)
  • Examples of careers of doctors who have opted for an international career or a temporary mobility 
  • Testimony from a doctor on his international experience 


MODULE 2: Preparing to leave and eventually return 


  • Specifics of applications (CV, cover letters, job boards), recruitment methods and different approaches to the job interview by area 
  • Overview of formalities to settle before departure 
  • Sources to go further in the knowledge of the situation of doctors abroad, job websites and international networks related to research and innovation. 


MODULE 3:My long-term career plan in a context of international mobility 


  • Benefits of international experience on a resume and vis-à-vis employers: In what kind of jobs and environment it makes a real difference? What are the criteria to choose your mobility? 
  • How to build a strategy based on your professional project? Temporary departure for a Post-Doc or full professional career abroad? 
  • Discussion with each participant about their profile and professional project and evaluation of the relevance of a departure abroad and preferred strategy


Speaker: ADOC Talent Management


Number of participants: 15 maximum


Registration procedure: If you are a PhD student at COMUE, please register on :

If you are a Belgian student, please send email to