Manage your doctoral project

Date: 16th October (9:00-17:00) and 17th October (9:00-12:00)


Venue: COMUE Lille Nord de France


Address: 365 bis, rue Jules Guesde BP 50458 - 59658 Villeneuve d’Ascq Cedex


Room: to be defined 




Research is a complex job that requires great organizational skills, planning, budget monitoring...

Acquire methods that facilitate the management of the doctoral project will help to better meet deadlines, to anticipate difficulties, promote motivation, better adapt to possible reorientation of research.

The training allows doctoral students to learn project management tools specially adapted to research and show them how they can promote them to recruiters from all sectors.


Training objectives: 

  • Understand the basics of project management and discover tools to manage their doctoral project
  • Endorse the role of a project manager and a young researcher,
  • Test the proposed tools and discuss within the group and with the speaker, Imagine other occupations that require project management skills, linked with the professional project 


Pedagogical methods: 

Interactive workshop with presentation of theoretical concepts illustrated by concrete examples, testimonials and exchange phases on projects of each participant;

Exercises with tools proposed applied to the doctoral projects of participants.




Module 1: Fundamentals of Project Management 

  • Discover the concepts of project management, 
  • Conceptualize the different phases of a project and implement them by a parallel with the doctorate, 
  • Understand the importance of planning and its methodologies, 
  • Discover the tools and software used in non-academic environment


Module 2: Driving your doctoral project 

  • Strengthen your organizational skill, 
  • Identify the scientific and managerial scope of your project, 
  • Understand the motivation levers, 
  • Know how to manage research resources, manage time and priorities 
  • Plan major phases Ph.D. 


Module 3: Toolkit «Management of doctoral project” 

  • Intersession: Participants have to test tools on their own doctoral project in real conditions 


Module 4: Feedback 

  • Compare different modes of operation and analyse the relevance of its own practices,
  • Exchange on difficulties and solutions to adopt 


Module 5: Professional mobility 

  • Main stages in the preparation of career pursuit, 
  • Empower themselves and consider the useful training in relation to their professional project 
  • Construct a provisional schedule.


Speaker: ADOC Talent Management


Number of participants: 15 maximum


Registration procedure: If you are a PhD student at COMUE, please register on :

if you are a Belgian student, please send email to